camp philosophy

The philosophy of the Camp and its lifestyle is built around St. Sava, Patron Saint and Architect of the Serbian church and nation. In the camp, we try to teach our children this in the content of the faith – what to believe – and this comes about mainly through the religious instruction classes and talks given by the clergy. But we also teach them how to live in conformity with this faith. We stress both of these aspects of Orthodoxy equally, because to be a Serbian Orthodox Christian means both to believe rightly and to live rightly.

How vivid these aspects are seen in the life of our Patron Saint, St. Sava! He firmly believed that God expected good works as well as faith from His servants. “Do and teach” was his motto. He said, “neither the strenuous exercise in right conduct without the faith is of no avail, nor the right confession of faith without good works is sufficient to bring us before the face of the Lord, but both together are necessary to make a perfect man of God.”

Living within the fellowship of a community, such as the camp, provides just this opportunity to know one’s faith and to practice it. This is the foundation of the Camp.

Sharing and participating in the program, learning to cooperate and respect one another, developing positive attitudes and habits, integrating the whole life of the child into the Church and the Church into the life of the child, and growing into a living fellowship and becoming a living community in Christ – this is the philosophy of our camp.