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Get together, hold hands, and form a circle. Turn on some Serbian kolo music. Make it Moravac kolo which originated in Sumadija, the heart of Serbia. Or, Uzicko kolo, one of the most popular kolos composed by Milija Spasojevic, in the 1950s.

Or, let’s have loads of fun and dance Chicken kolo, a wonderful blend of Serbian kolo music and American music.

Of course, we won’t forget to dance Kralejvo kolo. Did you know that it’s believed that “Kraljevo” was organized by the ballroom dances at the Serbian royal court? It is noted that Kraljevo kolo was named after the town of Kraljevo, a city in the heart of Sumadija, in which seven Serbian medieval kings were crowned.

Dancing kolo is social. Dancing kolo is fun. Dancing kolo can build confidence. It takes a certain amount of bravery and self-confidence to get out there and learn to dance kolo.


  • If you’re just learning how to dance kolo – feel the beat, move your feet, and have fun

  • Expert kolo dancers – dance next to campers who are learning to kolo for the first time; help teach them how to dance kolo, encourage them and support them as they learn

  • New kolo dancers have different ways of moving, different levels of dance experience, and different paces of learning – be kind, offer encouragement and praise while they learn

  • Boys can dance next to boys; girls next to girls

  • Learning to dance kolo takes practice – keep practicing

  • All campers will dance Kraljevo Kolo at the talent show

  • Use good manners when dancing kolo – don’t take the lead from someone else and never break a kolo to begin another one