Activities & Schedule

outdoor activities

Outdoor activities are an important part of camp. Campers spend time outdoors playing together, making new friends, exercising, developing new skills, and learning how to work on a team.


  • All campers in each room should come downstairs together

  • Turn off the lights before leaving (bathroom and bedroom lights)

  • Bring everything you need for outdoors – towel, gym shoes, etc

  • Take equipment outdoors through the back door


  • Follow instructions given by counselors

  • Always show respect for others; be courteous

  • Include peers in games/activities

  • Use equipment safely, sensibly and appropriately

  • Use equipment so that it doesn’t get lost or damaged

  • Always share equipment

  • Take turns and play safely

  • Real or pretend fighting and rough play are not allowed

  • Report bullying to a counselor

  • Ask an adult for help if there is a problem or someone is hurt


  • Stay Out of the Building: Don’t go upstairs to your room for any reason until outdoor activity time is over

  • Restroom: Let a counselor know if you need to use the restroom. Use only the assigned restrooms – by the back stairs and outside by the green/white building

  • Stay in assigned area: Never leave the general area of the activity

  • Off-limit areas: Never walk to the lake, cemetery, monastery, etc., except in a supervised group


  • Use good sportsmanship at all times

  • Follow game rules and play safe

  • Use polite words and good manners

  • Be a team player

  • Encourage others

  • Keep a positive attitude

  • Respect the other team – the person nearest the play should make the call

  • On a close or questionable call always rule in favor of the other team

  • Ask a counselor or adult to help resolve differences

  • Check your tournament schedule periodically; if we can’t find you, your game will be rescheduled


  • Water and snacks will be provided (under the tree)

  • Try to mark and reuse the same cup for the afternoon

  • Be polite and wait your turn in line

  • Water is for drinking only; don’t wet yourself or others (we’ll use well water for those activities)

  • Throw all trash in the cans provided


  • Please pick up all our equipment when it’s time to come indoors

  • Don’t leave equipment outdoors

  • Return equipment to designated areas

  • Periodically you may have to pick up after others – thanks for helping