parent info

parent info

Please read carefully each of the items listed below. Your full cooperation and understanding will result in a happy and memorable camp experience for your child.


At Midwest Diocese Camp, we make our dorm assignments on the basis of school grade and/or age.  This model works well and avoids the use of roommate requests, which can sometimes cause problems. Our years of experience have taught us that roommate requests are not needed because with the school grade/similar age model, campers most often end up in the same dorm room as their friends.

There may be circumstances where requests are needed. For example, parents may ask that siblings not be in the same room in order to give them the opportunity to make new friends. We try to accommodate those types of requests.

If there is a known problem with bullying, please let us know before the camp season begins so we can properly address it before such a child is placed in a room with anyone.

There may be situations where some children in a dorm room have a history of not getting along.  We have to allow the children to adopt a Christian approach to resolving conflicts, through love, understanding, mutual respect, apologies and forgiveness. The purpose of our Midwest Diocese Church camp is exactly to instill into our children a Christian outlook on life and to teach them virtues such as those listed above.










Midwest Diocese campers come to camp to make new friends and catch up with old ones.  Campers have many opportunities to get to know one another and become part of the group. While we do not discourage visiting, we also don’t encourage it. If parents would like to visit, consider joining your camper for the Six Flags Great America activity. Of course, all parents are encouraged to attend the Friday night Talent Show.

We usually don’t allow parents to speak on the phone with their camper during the camp week unless it’s very important because it tends to cause a significant distraction for the camper. The best way to communicate is by emailing us at We’ll give any important information to your camper in a timely manner.

For the safety of our campers and staff, the following VISITOR RULES will be observed: