Applications for the 2022 season of Midwest Diocese Camp at Gracanica. Click on the below link for the application you need and follow the download instructions below.

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Rules and Responsibilities

There are many rules and responsibilities that make for a good counselor. Read the list below carefully. You are the key to making each camper’s experience a great one. And, whatever you do, have fun at camp and make memories with our campers that will last a lifetime.

If, at any time, your actions are unbecoming a counselor, we may ask you to leave. We will also elect to not have you on staff in the future.

Below is a helpful guide to ensure your time as a counselor is rewarding for both you and your campers.

  1. Being a counselor requires a cheerful, hard-working attitude; you will spend 24 hours a day with an active group of children; make sure you truly like kids

  2. Divide your time equally among each child in your room; treat all your campers as your favorites

  3. You are a role model to the campers and their behaviors will match yours. As such, be very conscious of what you say and do; don’t use rude language or make indecent remarks; be enthusiastic, polite, cooperative as you are the one who sets the tone for the campers

  4. Lead the campers without them feeling that they are being led; motivate them without barking orders; gaining their confidence and respect will have them follow you anywhere

  5. Have patience; not every camper moves at the same speed and not every camper catches on to what you’re doing or saying right away

  6. Communicate with the group as a whole and with each individual camper; many campers have never been to camp before; calmly and clearly explain any rules, etc.; let them know that they can talk to you if they don’t understand something

  7. If needed, talk to a camper privately - away from the others; if it’s personal, speak with them and help find solutions to problems or behavior issues; if it’s a problem you feel you can’t handle (misbehavior/dangerous conduct) contact the Head Counselor or Fr. Serafim

  8. Our camp program is filled with activities all day long and you need to keep up your enthusiasm and energy until the end of the day; eat at mealtimes, drink plenty of water, try to get enough sleep

  9. Every camper deserves to be treated fairly and with respect, and every child should have the same chance to do the same things regardless of their abilities; get everyone involved and let everyone have a chance

  10. Kids come to camp to have fun; respect all the campers; don’t call them rude names or get rough with them; don’t ever make fun of them; avoid sarcastic remarks or ridicule, even if you think it’s all in fun

  11. Counselors and helpers should be willing to help out whenever and wherever needed at camp

  12. Cell phone usage is prohibited during the day (while campers are active); you may use your phone once campers are in bed

  13. Camp committee members periodically stop in during the week; remember to respect what they say to you or what they ask of you; they will do the same with you and will conduct themselves properly at all times and will lend a helping hand where needed